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Sustainable contemporary residential architecture on the west coast of Sweden





Skummeslövs Ängar : The Terrace Buildings










Halland County, Sweden
















The  building has been designed  to maximise daylight and views and connect the apartments to the beautiful surroundings with large external private balconies.


With the forest 5 minutes walk away, the beach 10 minutes, the fantastic light and the spectacular views, the apartments have been designed to take maximum advantage of these attributes. Instead of thinking of the external space or  balcony as an ‘add-on’ they become the main feature and in some cases as large as the open plan living area. In most cases these balconies feature full height retractable glass. This allows total flexibility to enjoy the beautiful surrounding throughout the year.


The buildings have been positioned on the masterplan to take advantage of the views and the sunlight. Each apartment is partnered with another flat around a central stair zone. The position of the apartment shifts in plan the depth of the balcony which creates a facade that incorporates the balcony as part of the facade.

The building is 3 storey plus a penthouse. All the apartments are 3 room apartments apart from the penthouse which steps back in plan to form a 2 room apartment with an exceptionally large terrace space. Each apartment has a very simple and logical plan which separates the social spaces from the private, representative of the building sides, and entrance side and an open side.


The material palette for the buildings is simple and reflects the massing. The lower levels comprise of a light buff Petersen brick mixed with lime mix mortar. Above is a mixture of render and natural timber slat cladding. Fully glazed sliding doors allow maximum daylight and views out towards the spectacular Hallandaus.

An external space was made which is a true extension to the living area. The space is large enough to house multiple functions and one that can be used all year around. The balconies are an integral part of how the building works. The material palette inside has been kept intentionally neutral. Light timber flooring is mixed with birch wood fixed furniture. The exterior Petersen brickwork makes an appearance as the central feature in the open plan space, giving a modern twist on a traditional hearth.


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