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Modular housing concept for new build family homes





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Building a new home is something not many of us choose to do. The vast majority of home buyers decide to go for a safe, complete building, usually one that was built at least 50 years ago.
Although these buildings have generally been built to high enough standard, may are in need of constant repair and may also lack the uplifting spaces we all appreciate. Adding an extension, or utilising the loft space has become a normal route for people wanting to unlock more space within their homes . This process of adding area, however, can become both difficult and expensive.
What if there was an alternative to the traditional way of home buying. One that allowed a design to be developed and built in different stages, at a time that is right and when funds become available?
A design was created to let the home owner take control of their home and design process. People may want something small to start off with, some basic rooms and core facilities. They can add quickly and simply when required through this modular concept.
The design is based on a simple 1m x 1m metric grid. Because each room is based on this grid it is easy to understand the overall size of the home and therefore the basic cost. 
Once you have selected a plot size, the architect would work with home owner to create a framework plan.  The rooms and the particular adjacencies will be chosen to find your perfect match. The arrangement, the size and also the aesthetics can be chosen by the home owner. The modular aspect allows for high quality elements with minimal building time on site.


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