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Residential Architecture in Sweden





Skummeslövs Ängar : Light










Halland County, Sweden
















The ‘Light’ apartment building is based around the concept of maximised natural daylight and minimal waste of space. The building is part of the Skummeslövs Ängar masterplan in Laholm, Sweden. The building has been designed to be 3 stories high with each flat partnering another around a central stairwell. The flat allows combinations of the flats to be arranged by shifting the plan along the balcony lengths, thus blurring the boundaries between facade and balcony.


The building entrance is situated on the north facade, and is characterised by a profiled glazing slot cut into the building to house the stair and lift. An entrance portal is created by wrapping down the facade. Parking is situated on this north side, allowing the south side with the balconies to have unobstructed views of the gardens and sunlight.


The interior of the building has been created as a simple arrangement of spaces that enable the tenant to have flexibility in the way they use their home. A large sliding glass door opens on to to the balcony area which provides additional space for dining during the summer months. Internally the palette of material has been chosen to be neutral and give a natural light feeling to the spaces.


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