David Weatherhead

David Weatherhead ARB

My passion is architecture. I love defining space and creating places that have appositive impact on our environment.
Having spent over 10 years working for a large design studio in the city I have set up my own practice to focus on a range of projects that make peoples lives better.

I am passionate about the environment and how architecture can play an important role in the environmental regeneration of an area. Being considerate to the planet on which we live is inherently important to the way I live and the way I design. Im a firm believer that the most environmentally friendly building is the one that didn’t need to be built.

I focus primarily within 3 sectors healthcare, education residential. I believe that the right environment can help us heal, make us engaged to learn and make our lives more enjoyable. This to me is the power of design.


Starting with a series of residential projects in Sweden, I find that I am fascinated by how a well designed house can have a positive impact on people and how ultimately this house can become a home. Im very interested in new technologies and emerging materials. I believe within my lifetime a material will be engineered that will change the way in which architecture is created, and one that is ultimately kind to the earth.

David Weatherhead Architect


2001 : BA hons from Sheffiled University.

2001-2002 : Architectural Assistant Faulknerbrowns Architects

2003 : BArch First Class honours from Newcastle University.

2003 : Anshen / Dyer, London

2005 : RIBA Registered, Diploma (Part 3) at Newcastle University.

2008 : Anshen/Dyer became Anshen & Allen

2008 : Associate at Anshen/Allen

2009 : Senior Associate of Anshen & Allen.

2012-2014 : Senior Design Architect / Associate at Stantec

2014-Present : Director Weatherhead Architecture Ltd


2008 : Winner – A+A International Design Competition

2008 : Winner – Building Better Health Awards 2008 Best Hospital Design : Freeman Hospital NCCT & Renal Unit

2009 : Runner Up – Partnership for Schools BSF Awards
Best Remodelled school Westminster City School

Projects undertaken at Weatherhead Architecture

Butterfly Square
Role: Director of Design
Size 5,000m2
Status : Planning

Skummeslovs Angar
Role: Director of Design
Size 4,000m2
Status : Planning

Projects undertaken at Stantec Anshen + Allen

Northern Centre for Cancer Treatment and Renal Care Services Centre, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle
Role: Architect.
Size 25,000m2; Value: £80m.
Completed 2008.

Westminster City School, Westminster
Role: Project Architect / Design Lead.
Size 4,000m2
Value : £11.5 million
Completed 2010

The Grey Coat Hospital CofE Comprehensive School for Girls, Westminster
Role: Project Architect / Design Lead.
Size: 1,500 m2; Value : £12.5 million
Completed 2012

Alder Hey Children’s Park, Liverpool
Role: Project Architect.
Size: 42,500 sqm; Value: £150m
Status : Runner-up

Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital, CA, USA.
Role: Project Architect.
Size: 32,500 sqm; Value: $90m
Status : Feasibility Study

Li Ka Shing Centre Phase 2
Role: Project Architect
Size 18,000m2; Value : £45 million

North Tees Hospital, Stockton on Tees
Role: Project Architect.
Size 100,000m2; Value : £350 million