Terrace3RC_Falcon12 Feb 2015

Sigurd and Fortuny

Being an architect allows me to delve into a closely related passion of mine - furniture design. Although many famous architects have made some of the most important pieces, i have a passion for pieces created between 1950 and 1970s, especially within Scandinavia. Like most areas of design, i think the exploration of new materials and techniques brought some fantastic timeless pieces. Sigurd Ressel Falcon Chair with Fortuny Studio floor lamp inside

WeatherheadArchitecture_Blog_ButterflyCorner12 Dec 2014

Residential Architecture

Its sometimes hard to create a single image that captures what a building will be like, as it will change depending on the season and the time of day. Here is a couple of views showing the Butterfly square building at various times of the day. find us on facebook find us on Google Look at our project Butterfly

WeatherheadArchitecture_Blog_Autumn30 Sep 2014


Its Autumn and the trees are turning. A few renders in the Terrace building overlooking Hallandsas. I am currently looking at the difference between the artlantis render engine and the maxwell 3 engine. The scenes are slightly different in terms of geometry etc but its a good way to test advantages and disadvantages of the different software. I used the same hdri for both and post processed the autumn sky into the scene which is